Stop Hosting Your Own Pity Party

Wauw what a party! I am still hungover…

I hosted a major pity party in my head and heart last night (on mother’s day).

The party started out when Expectation showed up in my head, along came her best friend Disappointment, followed by Resentment.

The three of them were just kind of hanging out, nothing wild. As the the night moved along they started dancing and getting chippery.

Once Mrs. Heartbreak came there was no turning back, she really jammed up the party and was the star on the dance floor “all…..night….long…”

Mrs. Heartbreak brought with her, her close friends; Unwanted, Rejected, Unloved, and La Miserable.

The party escalated when Mrs. Heartbreak’s obnoxious boyfriend showed up, a really loud guy: Mr. Blame.

Maaan he made so much noise no one else could get a word in.

He fired up the party in my head and hijacked the words that came out of my mouth and wrote looong text messages to my husband. 

Old habits die hard.

It was like a warp back in time.

I haven’t had a wild party like that, all…..night long, in quite a while…

Do you still host your own pity parties and want to stop?

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