What is stopping you from getting the love you want?

At the same time as my clients stop fighting. I had a weird experience, I wanted to share. 
I  have couples that are three month into the programme and have not had a fight the last two month, after being used to fighting massively daily. 

I managed to stop fighting with my husband for almost a year, and yet Saturday morning we had a major set back.

So I can ask my self the same question – what is holding me back from getting the love I want? 
Friday night was a beautiful romantic evening I threw a surprise birthday party for my husband. 
Everything went so well it was like I got all I dared dream off and then due to one sentence that hit a nerve – I became insecure. 
I found evidence that we could not live together (due to mess and different life styles) and started complaining and blaming. 

This is what made me trigger him with my bad behaviour.

Due to the romance and all the love I felt I just wanted to go ahead and go all in and built our dream house. The one we have been talking about for almost 10 years. Construction plans that we have agreed upon so many times and every time my husband goes back to square one.  And does not start.
I really really wanted to go all in and a built that house together and get on with our beautiful life together. And not live in what could be heaven but what is more like hell to me.
So, we got into a terrible fight in front of the kids where he dragged me out by the arm and I fought my way back into get my tea and breakfast. Not a pretty sight for the kids. 
I am no different than you. I have the same demons and challenges – probably more. 
I have just learned the hard way how to get through to the other side and have put it into 12 steps to Make Love, Not War. 
When was the last time you doubted either your love or ability to live with your partner?

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